Odd Sounds Coming From Your Twin City Home's Furnace: Common Issues

Odd Sounds Coming From Your Twin City Home's Furnace: Common Issues

One night, you wake up to inhuman growls and groans coming from your basement and, in your half-asleep panic, you think there's a monster in the house. Soon enough, you realize the noises are coming from your furnace… which doesn't make them any less scary.

When heating systems develop problems, they start making all kinds of strange sounds. What furnace issues these sounds may indicate can vary significantly. Keep reading to learn what the underlying issue might be if your furnace is making weird noises in the Twin Cities.

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Weird Furnace Noises and What They Mean

  • Banging - If the gas burners in your furnace get dirty, it may result in the ignition being delayed. When the excess of gas that builds up in the ignition chamber ignites, there will be a small explosion, creating the startling bangs that you hear coming from your heating system in Minnesota.
  • Humming - A low humming noise coming from your furnace while it's operational is nothing to worry about. But if you notice that humming gets louder over time, it can be indicative of internal issues. Problems with fans and capacitors most frequently cause humming noises to emanate from heating systems in Minnesota homes.
  • Rumbling - A droning rumble coming from your furnace can indicate a variety of problems. These rumbling noises usually occur when internal components become loose or otherwise faulty, causing them to shake excessively while in operation. Burners, heat exchangers and blower motors are just a few of the parts that can cause these rumbling noises in heating systems in the Twin Cities.
  • Scraping - Metal scraping sounds coming from your furnace are likely to give you a migraine in minutes. The most common culprit of this awful noise is a blower wheel that has become loose. Damaged ball bearings are another source of scraping noises in heating systems.
  • Squealing - One particularly obnoxious noise that furnaces can make is high-pitched squealing. A few different problems can cause these squeals. The underlying issue may be a damaged blower belt, a malfunctioning blower motor or a shaft bearing that needs to be oiled.


We Can Resolve Every Noisy Furnace Problem

No matter what noise your furnace is making, your safest course of action is to call your heating service provider for help. Licensed heating technicians will be able to easily identify the cause of those odd sounds coming out of your furnace and perform repairs to prevent more serious issues. Give Airic's Heating & Air Conditioning Inc. a call today if you'd like furnace repair services in the Twin Cities metro!