Benefits of Furnace Tune-Up Services for Homes in Twin Cities MN

Benefits of Furnace Tune-Up Services for Homes in Twin Cities MN

During winters in the Twin Cities, your home's furnace will be working overtime to keep your house warm and cozy as outdoor temperatures plummet, often falling below zero. Even the best furnace can only heat your home for so many winters and, if you want it to last as long as possible, you should schedule a furnace tune-up each fall.

During a furnace tune-up, heating technicians will clean your furnace out, test its systems to make sure they're functioning as intended, and make any necessary adjustments to prevent future breakdowns. If you're still not convinced that furnace tune-ups are needed, read on to learn some of the biggest benefits.

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3 Reasons to Get a Furnace Tune-Up

  1. Prevent a Breakdown - A furnace that's been running hot without maintenance for too long will inevitably fail when you need it most. By performing a furnace tune-up, your service technicians will be able to identify issues like a clogged air filter or water leaks that could eventually cause your heating system to become inoperable. Repairing these issues before the onset of Minnesota's winter will make sure you never have to spend a winter day cocooning yourself in blankets for warmth while your broken heating system is replaced.
  2. Lower Energy Costs - Heating systems consume a lot of power during the winter, when they need to be kept running almost constantly. It's normal for homeowners in the Twin Cities to experience a spike in heating expenses during the winter months but furnace tune-ups can prevent such a dramatic increase in energy costs. By finding and addressing any areas of inefficiency in your home's furnace, heating technicians can save you a lot of money.
  3. Keep the Air Clean - A dirty furnace that's overdue for a tune-up won't just fail to keep your Twin Cities house warm; it can also pump out unclean air. Debris builds up in furnaces over time, dispersing allergens when the furnace is running. Heating technicians will clean out your furnace during a tune-up, and they can also put a stop to more dangerous air pollution issues. Heating systems that run on gas or oil may begin to leak carbon monoxide, which is something that will be detected and stopped during a furnace tune-up.


Schedule Your Furnace Tune-Up Today

Trust us; you'll be grateful you got your furnace tuned up when it's -20º and you're relaxing in your nice, toasty home. Contact Airic's Heating & Air Conditioning Inc. today if you'd like to schedule a furnace tune-up in the Twin Cities metro!