Are Ductless Air Conditioning Units Worth It for Twin Cities Homes?

Are Ductless Air Conditioning Units Worth It for Twin Cities Homes?

Ductless air conditioning units differ from central-air A/C units in that they distribute cool air to individual rooms when needed via compact indoor units. By contrast, traditional central-air A/C units send all of the cool air to a central air handler that then pumps it throughout the entire house via ducts. Depending on the size of your house and how often you use each room, a ductless air conditioning unit may be a great investment for you. Keep reading to learn the benefits of a ductless A/C unit and decide if it's worth it for your home in the Twin Cities area.

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Top 3 Benefits of a Ductless A/C System

  1. Energy Efficiency - The biggest advantage of a ductless air conditioning system is that it will cut down on your energy bill. Ductless A/C units allow you to control which rooms cold air is distributed to and when. This means that frequently used rooms, like bedrooms and the kitchen, can be kept cool throughout summer while less used rooms, like the basement, can be allowed to stay hot. Only cooling certain parts of the house is much more energy efficient than cooling every room in the house at once.
  2. Quiet Operation - One complaint many homeowners in the Twin Cities have about their central-air unit is the level of noise during operation. On average, central-air units produce anywhere from 50 to 80 decibels of sound while in operation. If your air conditioning unit is running all day long on a hot summer day, this noise level can be quite annoying. Fortunately, ductless air conditioning units are much quieter. They only produce about 25 decibels of sound when running, meaning that you can have your A/C on all day while enjoying the peace and quiet.
  3. Easy Installation - Another convenient benefit of a ductless air conditioning system is how easy it is to install. Because there's no cumbersome ductwork, a ductless A/C unit can be installed quickly and simply without any need for demolition or remodeling. If you're switching from a central-air unit to a ductless unit, this also gives you the option to remove all that unsightly ductwork from your home.


Ductless Air Conditioning Installation in the Twin Cities

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